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Saturday, December 04, 2010

Puppet Building with Michael Earl

Back in January of 2010, I had a great time at Michael Earl's Television Puppetry Workshop in NYC. Michael and Roberto are making a name for themselves in the puppetry world as they offer classes coast to coast through their newly created Puppet School. I remember Michael's puppets being very effortless to operate. New puppet builders like myself are always searching for that 'perfect mouthplate' and I always love incorporating new building skills into what I already know. When I saw that his Puppet Making Workshop was being offered this past Thursday [Dec. 2], I signed up immediately.

Michael and Roberto's relaxed approach makes learning fun and accessible for everyone in the class no matter their level of expertise. Within a matter of a few short hours, five new monsters were 'born' into the puppetry world. Michael's puppets are very simplistic but big on personality.

I originally intended to bring a bag with me to carry my new creation on my way back through the city to my home-bound train. I left the bag at home and slung the new creature over my arm as I walked the few blocks to my uptown subway stop. I'm glad I left the bag behind as I saw the quick glances and smiles blooming on the crowd of faces as I walked by. Those moments remind you of why you chose to be a puppeteer.

This Saturday, Dec. 4, was the holiday parade in Beacon, NY and my new little monster just needed a Santa cap and he was a natural for the day's festivities. I thought "Ned" was an appropriate name for the time being and he made many friends and took lots of photos with people on his first public outing.

Me and Ned before leaving for the parade