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Saturday, July 06, 2013

Andrew Agee a puppeteer's puppeteer

I was saddened to learn today of the untimely passing of puppeteer Andrew Agee. I knew Andrew only through online puppeteer communities and a brief exchange of emails. I feel the least I could do is mention what the energy of Andrew meant to someone who only knew him through his online presence. I became aware of Andrew before I began my own puppet company. He was a regular contributor on Muppet Central and Puppetsmith. I was impressed with Andrew's artistry and the fact that he had produced and performed his own shows where he lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In my early quest to learn puppet building, I proposed to Andrew that I could fly to his location and negotiate a fee to learn from him. He readily agreed but, the time and money never materialized. Andrew's excitement and passion for puppet building and performing truly made him a puppeteer's puppeteer.

In my search for the places Andrew left his mark online, I found this priceless video of Andrew instructing the scissor grip for puppet manipulation. It's a gem of a video for anyone learning puppetry and for anyone interested in knowing who this creative person was. Thank you Andrew.

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